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Metro June 2008: 'Graceful Entry'

"Graceful Entry"
With evening wear befitting a goddess, Martin Bautista could be fashion's next big name.

By Andrea O. De Guzman
Metro Magazine
June 2008 Issue

A fast-growing favorite of the fashionable youth and more jaded style maven, he has executed creations already being labeled as timeless and original. He veers away from a neophyte designer's copycat syndrome and plays on his own inspiration as he comes up with each new piece.

Having already outfitted models and celebrities for TV commercials, Bautista is also part of the fashion team for a popular retail brand, his latest creation gracing a billboard along Edsa.

Citing the late Madame Gres as one of his inspiration for having defied the vulgarity of fashion and hid herself the glare of publicity, he designs for women who follow the beat of their own drum and do not succumb to a public's perception of them. Style is as individuals as the women who wish to wear a Martin Bautista creation.--Andrea O. De Guzman

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