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Preview August 2008: Top Ten Best Collections at Philippine Fashion Week [02 Aug 2008|04:16am]
My collection made it again on Preview's annual list of Philippine Fashion Week's Top Ten Best Collections! Thank you so much to everyone at Preview!

View complete scans here: http://immaculatecuteness.multiply.com/photos/album/240/Preview_August_2008_Top_Ten_Best_Collections_at_Philippine_Fashion_Week

Congratulations to all the designers who made it on the list :) special thanks to JM for the scans. Mwah! - Grab a copy on your nearest newstands!
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CATCH 22: Meet 22 22-year-olds that will change our world [29 Jul 2008|11:36am]

By Tim Yap
The Philippine Star
July 28, 2008
22nd Anniversary Issue

Karen Paminutan
Gab Sobrepena
Sabrina Asano
Joe Mar Tan
Rissa Reico
Selena Alexis Antonio
Veronica Mendez
Xander Lacson
Mark San Diego
Camille Cabreira
Paolo Javier
Andro Licaros
Alyanna Martinez
Trina Martirez
Martin Bautista
Tollo Bote
James Younghusband
Veejay Floresca
Stacy Rodriguez
Rev Naval
Eri Neeman
Vanna Lim

Featured on today at The Philippine Star's 22nd Anniversary Special :)
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Marie Claire July 2008 Cover [28 Jun 2008|01:50pm]

Marie Claire July 2008 Cover
70's-inspired Aubergine dress by Martin Bautista
Styled by Pam Quinones
On the cover: Dawn Zulueta
Make up by Lala Flores
Photographed by Sara Black

It's my second cover na for Marie Claire! Yey :)
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Philippine Fashion Week 2008 Review from BusinessWorld Online [16 Jun 2008|02:48pm]

Wearable summer


That people sneer at off-the-rack is silly considering it forms 90% of most person’s wardrobes, and, at least for the practical-minded, ready-to-wear (RTW) can be more valuable than a couture dress so distinctive it can only be worn once in a blue moon. The RTW show on June 2 at Fashion Week 2008 is one argument for the perpetration of style for the masses.

Despite it being the Spring/Summer 2008, at least two out of the 11 designers used black as a major color, although in the case of Martin Bautista, this was used in combination with indigo and shades of purple.

In his bid for minimalism, the clothes were plain, but clung to the body in drapes of silk jersey, sheer tulle, nylon, silk acetate, charmeuse and dull satin. If a lady wanted to be taken seriously by adopting a "mannish" style while also projecting an unmistakable female sexiness, his short skirts and draped gowns would do the trick.

more artsy take on black were the layered pieces of Japanese cotton, takeo weave, Cambodian silk and Vietnam leather assembled by Don Protasio in androgynous outfits (although only the girls actually wore skirts) for waifish women and no-frills men. One wonders at the cardboard cutout camera strung around their necks as the sole accessory; perhaps it’s a declaration that those who wear such clothing prefer to be behind the lens, unobtrusive observers, rather than be the ones in the limelight. The one outfit that seemed out of place — too over-the-top to be ignored — was the puffy retaso-like dress belted with silver at the waist paired with heeled gladiator sandals (a persistent trend on the runway even now).

One of the better statements was made by Protacio Empaces, Jr. who noted that "the future doesn’t have to mean sci-fi" and citing that his collection was "all about facing the future with great optimism, about humanity coming to terms with the beauty of nature."

He opted for organic and recyclable fabrics in nature-inspired colors and embroidered with flora and fauna or constellations. Some of his pieces were a bit too stiff on the body and needed a bit more sculpting, but otherwise the idea was well-implemented.

Ziggy Savella goes cool in stripes (left) and Skirt power by Ruby Castrodes (right). Long, flowing dresses were popular, as in the case of Janno Farrales who showed a plunging blue dress in jersey with a wide band of white striped with a single strip of black for a belt, as well as a strapless tube of blue tucked into a high-waist skirt in white.

Jona Ballaran also joined the craze over safari-inspired outfits, but more successfully than most, particularly in a yellow green printed V-necked long gown belted by a brown leather obi with three buckled clasps.

The designers with a knack for unusual detailing included Marichu Tan-Geson, who folded and wove fabrics to incorporate at the neckline, hemline and bodice or all the way down the front of her magenta, fuchsia, yellow and blue dresses.

Pia Gladys Perey fashioned flat wooden accessories — belts and necklaces — that added distinction to her "Parisian romantic chic" draped pieces. But to this writer at least, one outfit of black draped pants and hooded long sleeved shirt, overlaid by a pink tank, looked more Arabian than French.

Ruby Castrodes probably had the most fun piecing together her collection, and the audience couldn’t help but be uplifted by the color and jaunty prints in her slew of summer dresses, which adopted various skirt styles — pouf, pleated, bubble, mini-length on shift dresses, even a modified circle skirt with a petticoat.

Resort wear was minimalist and tailored preppy for Ziggy Savella, whose only detailing for his separates was stripes in red and blue and green.

Yellow belonged to Eddie Castro, whose twist on nautical style substituted the bright color for austere navy in his cotton knits for men and women.

On the other hand, Tippi Ocampo had a romantic, floating-on-air view of island life, with her dresses made of jusi and cheesecloth sporting kimono or batwing sleeves hitting mid-thigh. The most distinctive detailing was a diamond-shaped weave made into a halter or obi and paired with skirts or relaxed pants.

Overall, it was a good showing for RTW in the Philippines.

Link: http://www.bworldonline.com/BW061008/content.php?id=161

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Haute Couture F/W 08.09 Paris: Schedule na! :) [14 Jun 2008|01:50am]
Monday, June, the 30th

11.00 am
Hôtel de la Monnaie - 11 quai de Conti - Paris 6e

12.30 pm
Studio DMD - 9 avenue Gabriel - Paris 8e

2.30 pm
To be confirmed (I have a strong feeling sa Grand Palais din ang venue)

4.00 pm
To be confirmed

5.00 pm
36 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle - Paris 10e

6.00 pm
Galerie Griesmar&Tamer - 40 rue de Richelieu - Paris 1er

7.30 pm
Palais de Chaillot

Tuesday, July, the 1st

11.00 am
Grand Palais - avenue Winston Churchill - Paris 8e

2.30 pm
Le Loft Sévigné - 46 rue de Sévigné - Paris 3e

3.30 pm
Centre Georges Pompidou - entrée par la rue Beaubourg - Paris 4e

4.30 pm
Espace Hérold - 7 rue Hérold - Paris 1er

6.00 pm
Cercle de l'Union Interalliée

7.00 pm
Couvent des Cordeliers - 15 rue de l'Ecole de Médecine - Paris 6e

Wednesday, July, the 2nd

11.00 am
Voir invitation

1.00 pm
Hôtel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand - 3 rue Auber - Paris 9e

2.30 pm
325 rue Saint-Martin - Paris 3e

4.00 pm
Espace Vertbois - 40/42 rue du Vertbois - Paris 3e

6.00 pm/7.30 pm
8 place Vendôme - Paris 1er

Thursday, July, the 3rd

11.00 am
Place des Vosges

12.30 pm
Garage Turenne

2.30 pm
149 rue Saint-Honoré - Paris 1er

4.00 pm
Galeries du Palais Royal

5.00 pm
Voir invitation

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Metro June 2008: 'Graceful Entry' [12 Jun 2008|01:10pm]
"Graceful Entry"
With evening wear befitting a goddess, Martin Bautista could be fashion's next big name.

By Andrea O. De Guzman
Metro Magazine
June 2008 Issue

A fast-growing favorite of the fashionable youth and more jaded style maven, he has executed creations already being labeled as timeless and original. He veers away from a neophyte designer's copycat syndrome and plays on his own inspiration as he comes up with each new piece.

Having already outfitted models and celebrities for TV commercials, Bautista is also part of the fashion team for a popular retail brand, his latest creation gracing a billboard along Edsa.

Citing the late Madame Gres as one of his inspiration for having defied the vulgarity of fashion and hid herself the glare of publicity, he designs for women who follow the beat of their own drum and do not succumb to a public's perception of them. Style is as individuals as the women who wish to wear a Martin Bautista creation.--Andrea O. De Guzman

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Self Service (2002) Quote from Elbaz [11 Jun 2008|08:27am]
What concerns you about the fashion industry today?
One of our biggest problems today is speed. But life is not an instant coffee. Elsa Schiaparelli said that our biggest problem is the fact that we don't tale time to dream, when you take the time to think, look and understand, you can bring back new design. -Alber Elbaz

Self Service (2002)

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The best collection for F/W 2008-09 [11 Jun 2008|04:29am]
I can't get enough of this collection, those suits kill me! And the models looked powerful!
This the coolest show for Fall! :)

I looove the details! :) My heart is pounding haha!

Yves Saint Laurent F/W 08-09 Paris
Photos: vogue.it

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2008 Philippine Fashion Week Collection [07 Jun 2008|07:22pm]
"A Darker Shade of a Woman"
2008 Philippine Fashion Week Collection

Women with dark intentions. Has a brilliant style and sexuality but deep down her heart she seeks revenge. She has a distinct style manipulating men by the way she moves and dresses.

I want to create a collection that is dark, mannish, masculine and sharp without the look of women borrowing clothes from men. It’s my vision of a woman who does things in her own way. She’s a woman who’s different from anyone else but not necessarily someone who wants to appeal to everyone else.

Inspired by the dark beauty of Julie Kohler in Francois Truffault’s 1968 film, La Mariée était en noir, the collection evokes a mannish, masculine vibe. There is a contradiction of sharp and soft aesthetic achieved through pieces that are carefully constructed and playfully draped. I wanted to play with a color palette that I always find mysterious and intriguing: Indigo. When mixed with black, midnight blue, and taupe, it creates subtle erotic and dangerous vibe.

Watch full-length runway video here:

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Manila Standary Today - June 7, 2008 - Philippine Fashion Week 2008 Review [06 Jun 2008|04:56pm]

Designers Inc.
Manila Standary Today - June 7, 2008 - Philippine Fashion Week 2008 Reviewhttp://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=goodLife1_june7_2008

By Ed Biado

Philippine Fashion Week ’08 gave 120 designers the chance to spotlight their work and place them under public scrutiny. Who made the grade, who failed, and is there still a future for Philippine designers? Below is our take on what, in our opinion, is the noisiest non-noisemaker of the year.

The opening catwalk is a sort-of preview to what the whole run will be all about. The designers had one look each (presumably, the strongest ones) and immediately, there were some hits and misses. First impact wow was provided by Janno Farrales’ RTW, Julius Tarog’s nude-lined black sheer piece and Kenneth Chua’s ultra-fierce white number. Other standouts were Dax Bayani, Ruby Castrodes and Yako Reyes.

There were a few other notable designs. Aside from that, it was mostly a blur of same-old-same-old.

The best of the best

Thankfully, the ante was slightly upped in the following days with the luxury and experimental collections. Arnold Galang’s fabulous high necks, leggings and ruffles were vampy and definitely the ones to beat. Jay Sustiguer glamorized with an Egyptian-looking caped drape, laces, linens and royal shades of puce and yellow. A breath of fresh air was provided by the geometric sculpting and fresh construction ideas of Mich Dulce. A hooded piece in nude by Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos was also worthy of an applause.

Brian Leyva’s luxe collection had fantastically great looks that were varied but unified. Dodgie Batu had at least two worthy ensembles, both high waist pants. His male version, complete with a shirt and blazer, was simply fabulous. Edgar Allan exaggerated his proportions and the outcome was lovely. One of his looks had a giant bow smacked right at the middle of the torso and surprisingly, it worked.

Allan and Edgar San Diego had similar directions. But obviously, the former executed better. San Diego’s easy breezy version utilizing light colors lacked the drama and emotions possessed by Allan’s line. Jaki Penalosa, on the other hand, had outstanding instances with his tribal-printed abaca dresses. However, it was Tina Daniac who provided the edgy statements.

Triumphant in incorporating many details without being a mistake was Gener Gozum. June Pugat introduced drama with superior fabric combinations. Nholie Pilapil and Noe Reyes both highlighted on denim and were victorious in doing so. Forecasting the future of fashion were Norman Noriega with asymmetrical cuts, Pier Lim with a play on silhouettes, Donn Delantar with strategic imperfect elements, Regine Dulay with abstract cuts and the duo of John and Paul Herrera with robotic designs.

Fashion on acid

Meanwhile, the trend that dictated the new designers show was tame avant-garde. It was sort of RTW but not practically wearable. One would think that the up-and-coming are all about being edgy. This lot proved otherwise, displaying a “something old, something new, something borrowed” vision.

Ciege Cagalawan did everything expected of a rookie designer. It was fashion on acid on crack on ecstasy! Animal prints, pop art-esque colors, varied looks—it was marvelous! Respectable pieces also came out of Gretchen Pichay (with a detailed chiffon look), Marc Rancy (who had seven great looks out of 10), Lizanne Cua (with a tailored men’s trench) and Gerswin Cua (whose Indian princess look was just divine).

Bringing in some Marc Jacobs on steroids was Patrick Galang, who succeeded in constructing new silhouettes for some pieces and appreciated low-key elegance to others. He worked with different complementing patterns and juxtapositions while paying homage to the beauty of the female form. His best look is the last one, a perfectly assembled zip-up look. Galang stole the show!

Fantastic wearable and functional fashions were most welcome as they walked down Julius Tarog and M Barretto’s runway. With a noble mix of day and nighttime looks, their premier collection shows collectively epitomize chic, urban and sexy. For menswear, it was a good show generally. Intertwining bright and dark colors from Odelon Simpao, plaid and patchwork from Manelle Chamian, a pair of trunks with stitches from Simon Ariel Vasquez and metrosexual bags from Yako Reyes were the standouts.

For prêt a porter, the overall feel was candy striper. It was a pretty good show. Well, you can’t really go wrong with ready-to-wear. Striped yellows from Eddie Castro, hot pink from Farrales, more pinks from Marichu Tan, a splash of colorful hues from Protacio Empaces Jr. and muted ones from Tippi Ocampo and Ziggy Savella corroborated the candy sweetness.

The truly outstanding looks came from Martin Bautista, who didn’t go with the cotton candy bunch. His tight consistent set of purples and blacks were just glamorous and fashion-forward. A comparable palette was seen from Pia Gladys Perey, who infused periwinkle with black. Meanwhile, Don Protacio used different sizes of polka and Jona Ballaran derived inspiration from the safari.

Not quite the best

Raoul Ramirez’s solo show merited mixed reviews. Blameless looks include a disco-ball shirtdress, the entire second part (of five) and one outfit that looked like Catwoman in body paint. Some were overdone with juxtapositions and embellishments while some were just confusing.

Manelle Chamian, who came up with a relatively okay anthology, had a shining moment with a black and red plaid printed look. Candy colors from Odelon Simpao were acceptable, but not really “traditionally” wearable. Jeffrey Rogador, Happy Andrada, Richard Papa, Delby Bragais, Benjie Panizales and Twinkle Ferraren both had a strong point of view but didn’t execute as strongly. The results were pleasant, but not overwhelming.

Edwin Tan is a master tailor, but his collection was just a little bland, while Oliver Tolentino and Jonathan Manilag’s evening wear was just too familiar. Renee Salud was 50-50 with old Hollywood glamour. Joel Escober produced a great collection, except for an unforgivable pale yellow drape that had an unappealing silhouette with scattered metallic embellishments.

With the not so good comes the bad. Ronald Lirio’s 10-look moment was not cohesive. His unexpected fabric combinations didn’t work. Reian Mata’s culture-mixing with patterns and colors was a little weird. Pencil Diestra’s violet ensemble and John Paras’ all-black seemed to have some trouble with the fit while Dimple Lim’s offerings were nothing new.

Unflattering looks were seen from Angelo Estera, Delby Bragais, Eric de los Santos and Kat Sy. Nolie Vineza, who stitched an assortment of patterns, ended up with pieces that looked like quilts. Gionna Cabrera’s mahogany bag line was just weird. Nikki Sonico’s pieces seemed overdone, over-constructed, mostly confusing and poorly fitted. The misplaced oval pop-out on an Alodia Cecilia tube dress was almost scary. Roel Rosal attempted to do avant-garde but didn’t quite get there. Benjie Manuel’s looks involved pleats, ruching and ornaments that were too cluttered and didn’t fit well.

So, what does the future hold for Philippine fashion? Stay tuned next week for the trends that dominated Philippine Fashion Week ’08. Of course, there’s going to be the good, the bad, the overused, the ones to stay and the ones we never want to see again. Until then!


This is my first ever newspaper review! :) haha!

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