kinkexplosion (kinkexplosion) wrote,

2008 Philippine Fashion Week Collection

"A Darker Shade of a Woman"
2008 Philippine Fashion Week Collection

Women with dark intentions. Has a brilliant style and sexuality but deep down her heart she seeks revenge. She has a distinct style manipulating men by the way she moves and dresses.

I want to create a collection that is dark, mannish, masculine and sharp without the look of women borrowing clothes from men. It’s my vision of a woman who does things in her own way. She’s a woman who’s different from anyone else but not necessarily someone who wants to appeal to everyone else.

Inspired by the dark beauty of Julie Kohler in Francois Truffault’s 1968 film, La Mariée était en noir, the collection evokes a mannish, masculine vibe. There is a contradiction of sharp and soft aesthetic achieved through pieces that are carefully constructed and playfully draped. I wanted to play with a color palette that I always find mysterious and intriguing: Indigo. When mixed with black, midnight blue, and taupe, it creates subtle erotic and dangerous vibe.

Watch full-length runway video here:

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